How do the sessions look like?

Romana’s Pilates consists of around 600 exercises of different level of difficulty. The typical training starts on a ‘Reformer’, which is the best piece of apparatus to position the body symmetrically and to experience work from the inside. That is usually followed by mat exercises and ends with specifically selected exercises on Chairs, Cadillac or Barrels.

What is the optimal number of sessions per week?

Once (1) to three times (3) per week, with best results achieved training three (3) times. Two (2) sessions per week can also improve fitness and posture. One (1) session is an excellent supplementary training to other sports or physical activity.

How long are sessions?

Each session is 50 minutes.

What should you wear?

Clothes should be comfortable and well fitted at the same time. Best proven are leggings and a fitting top with long/short sleeves or shoulder straps. Socks are required.

What should you take for training?

Exercise clothes and socks (mandatory).

Can you change in the studio?


Can you shower in the studio after training?


Can you park a car near the studio?

Yes, street parking is available with free parking spaces easily found.

Are there any group sessions in the studio?

No, the studio offers only individual sessions.

Do men take pilates?

Absolutely, Joseph Pilates developed his exercise method thinking first about himself, and later for interned soldiers. He was inspired by masculine sport disciplines like bodybuilding, gymnastics or martial arts. Many of the exercises were created specifically for men.